Financial Services

Make this experience as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

At J&L Global,  we are able to assist clients in purchasing their new apartment with a range of financial services, information and incentives.

Whether your goal is to purchase your first home, a new home, refinance or invest,  we are experienced in arranging the finance you require to make this goal a reality. We also have access to all the property data you need to help you in your negotiations.

We will assist you in evaluating the products existing on the market which is suited to your needs while explaining finance application procedures to you, remaining in close contact and answering any questions you might have in the process.

We are able to assist you in:

  • Standard Variable Loan
  • Basic Variable Loan
  • Fixed Rate Loan
  • Offset Loan Account
  • Line of Credit Loan
  • Low-Doc & Credit Impaired Loans
  • Construction Loans

Extensive experience in finance allows us to provide in-depth and fully researched advice and education in relation to the products offered by our lenders. A comprehensive understanding of how product advantages and disadvantages related to your individual circumstances is a unique benefit delivered by finance brokers, ensuring the decision you make is fully informed and supported by professional knowledge and experience.