Project Marketing

J&L Global Knows how to maximize the value of your project.

Every component of our business structure is designed to facilitate every aspect of your residential development, on every step of the journey from the start to the end. The pathway for every development is different. But for every project, planning the way forward is everything. That’s where the combined strengths that only J&L roup can bring to your project set you on the path to success.

  • Our global resources and unparalleled Australian residential market intelligence are fully utilized by the specialist team dedicated to your project.
  • Our knowledge creates your leading edge.
  • Our comprehensive planning factors in all the variables, our experience anticipates every challenge, our network strength attracts more qualified buyers and our expertise maximizes every sale to plan.

Collaborating with local developers and international developers, our project marketing team extracts full-value from the broader J&L Global, excellent group databases, call centres, local knowledge, advertising strength and finance to deliver a fully integrated approach.